“A fully keyworded plant image library accessible by all”
In addition:
Classification will adhere to current, evidenced systems 
Identification of species will be made as accurately as possible
Keywords will be accurate, specific and consistent
Participation is not only permitted, but encouraged
Images are free to use for personal, academic and scientific use only
Tutorials will be written in clear language understandable by all
Provision will be made for all experience levels from novice to expert
This is a personal project which stems from a lifelong love of plants, something I inherited from my mother. I hope that the images I present here, via flickr and elsewhere will interest not only the casual browser and keen gardener, but also students of Botany and others in the scientific community. Last, but not least, I want everyone to enjoy my images. Please feel free to browse around this site, and have fun. Click on anything that looks a like a link, or any of the pictures. Let me know if there are any problems with this site, any of the links. Specifically, I welcome feedback on the accuracy of information that I am presenting. For those who would like a little guidance, I suggest you head over to my Explore page. There you will not only find information, but also tutorials, and useful reference material.Explore.htmlshapeimage_6_link_0

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