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6x4.5 Images

The images presented here were shot with My Bronica ETRS Medium Format Camera. This camera was the choice of many film shooters back in the 1970 and 80s. with both interchangeable lenses, backs and viewfinders. This was a true system camera of the day, used for shooting weddings, portraits and with the 6x4.5cm  image format, a minimum of 15 images could be fitted onto one roll, a distinct advantage for Wedding shoots in particular. Also, with their leaf shutters, sync with flash could be up the lens maximum of 1/500s. However, what I use this camera for is it's high-quality, versatility for switch from colour to mono mid-roll. Also, it's relative (Well, relative is an elastic concept...) portability and easy availability of high quality lenses to cheaply build a decent system, without the eye-watering costs in today's digital market. 

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