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Peterborough Street
and Ecclesiastical Scenes

I still call Peterborough 'My Hometown' but in truth, it no longer feels like home and it was never a town either. As the proud possessor of a magnificent Medieval Cathedral, it has always boasted the title of 'City'. But when I was growing up in the 70's, it felt very parochial and small-town indeed. Now, it is neither small-town nor parochial as with its expanded population, business links and multi-cultural diversity, the City of Peterborough is a jewel in the East Anglian crown. These differences have been brought home to me in a variety of ways recently, but for those who, like me recall a less frenetic pace of life in the City Centre, here are some images which echo those times. Shot both in the streets of the city and inside its Cathedral on a day when a celebration of folk dancing was in full swing, they are bright, colourful and unaffected. Not counting of course, those shot in Monochrome, which are cool, traditional and graphic. All these images were made on traditional film using a Medium format (ie large) camera using both colour and black & white film. More details in the forthcoming Blog (details TBC)

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