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FILM (Archive #1)

Here are a collection of images made with  a variety of film cameras ranging from a vintage 35mm Leica to my to point-and-shoot compacts to a Mamiya C330 Medium Format Twin Lens Reflex camera. Image capture process with film especially is one of careful consideration, of time spent contemplating compositions and careful metering often with a separate hand-held meter. Then there is the alchemy of development which leads to the reward of a physical image on a small piece of celluloid film. When shot with a large format camera, such as my Intrepid 4x5 camera, images can be of incredibly high resolution equating to over a 100 million pixels once they have been transformed via the laborious scanning process. Smaller formats have less resolution, but a character all of their own. The final results however all have that indefinable analogue quality and in the case of 4x5 images can be printed to huge sizes without loss of quality. Each image is therefore a work of art taking many man hours before it is able to be reproduced in final print form.  The resultant high quality photographic prints when output to premium paper stock like Hahnemule's Museum Rag will be vibrant, long-lasting addition to any home or business. The images presented here in this look back at the past therefore represent a cross-section through my photographic journey at the time of taking.

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