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Intimate & Abstract

Intimate, the very word conjures up images of closeness, of warmth and togetherness and that is what these images are about in different ways. Here you will find landscapes that are closer to the subject, vignettes of everyday life and objects such as Seaweed that are given a new meaning when placed outside their normal context. These images are all about form and composition and the relationship of the individual objects within the the frame to each other, but also their relationship to other presumed objects outside of the frame. For example an image of Marram grass implies sand dunes and that also implies a beach. The viewer then contracts their own image of the scene, whereas if you present the whole scene to the viewer, it is rigid and fixed. Here also you will find variations on a theme and these can help in planning your Photo Art. Does the image work better in Cyanotype, or Sepia toned. Or, perhaps a series of repeating images in different colour themes may work in a similar way to the images produced by the late Andy Warhol. High Quality Photographic Prints

Hallane Beach Waterfall
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