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Beating Scottish Midges to Make a Calm Image

You can't underestimate the Scottish Midge. It's a tenacious little blighter that doesn't seem to sleep as I found out at 6am on this August morning. They were on me as soon as I stepped out of the Argyll hotel Ballochuntay, situated on the remote Kintyre Peninsula. A very quick return to my room for the all important repellant and I was back out. The Kintyre Peninsula is a very remote, unpopulated and therefore unspoilt part of Scotland. There isn't anything much there, apart from one main town, Campbeltown where my father was born. Our visit was to pay my respects to him and to meet a cousin who still fishes from the area. The sea was lapping at the white sand beach and some green algae covered rocks. Clouds were showing pleasing pastel shades and all I had for company were seabirds and the occasional seal.. It wasn't the dramatic Sunrise one associates with Scotland and the Islands of the Inner Hebrides were just a brooding threat in the distance. So I felt the best plan was to make use of the calm mood and go for a minimal composition, just the rocks, the sea and the clouds gently arching over the scene. It was just literally thirty metres from the hotel and a lovely place to be. It is my favourite image from Scotland and will shortly be available from this website, or my Etsy shop as a Print or Canvas.

Early morning beach scene on the Kintyre Peninsula
Kintyre Beach Scene

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