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Benefitting From Brendan Van Son's Wisdom

Just a quick non image related post to feedback on a pleasurable afternoon spent via Zoom in the company of Brendan Van Son and six other like minded photographers. Brendan is a Travel Photographer and popular YouTuber with over a hundred and fifty-six thousand subscribers! (156,000) which is a lot and he's built a photography business from scratch so I was pleased to hear him share some of his experiences of building that business. I came away with a whole bundle of ideas that I can't wait to put into practice. Also, Brendan in person really is that genuinely nice Canadian guy. He is helpful, witty and supportive in addition to having a sharp business mind. You can find him on Instagram here: and his YouTube Channel here: Go check him out.

That's all for now. Keep snapping!

ps, alright, here's a picture from this week. This is a focus-stacked image of a relatively common fungus shot in my local woods. What is a focus stack I hear you say, well that's a subject for another Blog methinks. hurrah!

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