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Cast Adrift - One from the Archives

Bleached driftwood lying amongst spiky grasses in long-abandoned harbour
Pentewan Driftwood

I used to own an Olympus EM10, which I sold as you do to to pay for the next camera. I never have enough money to keep all my old cameras. My favourite lens for that camera was the 25mm f1.8, a compact lens with great resolution and sharpness. But here, there's almost nothing sharp at all, just a thin band in the near foreground. and I like that it hints at what is there, rather than revealing all. The small amount of focus is of course due to my being very close to the subject and selecting a wide aperture. Physics and optics do the rest. The subject, a piece of driftwood that has been washed into the mouth of a silted-up harbour near where I live is surrounded by spiky grasses and other, tough plants that can withstand the salty air. The combination of sand, wind and time has bleached the wood and yet it is also in the process of being reclaimed by the earth. It is a gentle, whimsical piece that tells a story. Where did the wood come from? Is it local, a remnant of the shipping that used to sail into the harbour? or has it been blown in by an Atlantic Gale from far shores. Who knows, the pleasure is in inventing your own story. I just know that it gives me pleasure and I hope it gives my readers pleasure too. I would like to ask do people want to see more semi-abstract studies like this one? and also are the specs for the image of interest. I give those for this image below as an example.

As ever, thanks for looking, liking or commenting. All feedback positive or negative is welcomed.



Olympus EM10, 25mm lens (50mm equivalent for 35mm) 1/320s @f2.0. Processed in Lightroom.

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