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Early'ish start and a Rainbow to finish

I was up well before the lark this morning seeking to find some beach images in the hope of reasonable light. I hadn't planned to go far as the local weather forecast was about 50:50 rain, so my destination was the tiny hamlet of Trenarren on the Cornish South Coast. I had decided specifically on a beach just below Trenarren called Hallane, which like many such places had been busier in the 19th and early 20th centuries, but was now a peaceful haven mainly populated by incomers and holiday-makers. Also in this area, there is a peninsula called Black Head, the site of an Iron Age Hill fort and an impressive black granite memorial to the famous (in Cornwall) Poet and Historian A.L Rowse. My principal target was a small waterfall and adjacent granite arch. Although small, there were I hoped, opportunities to capture the movement of water and light coming through the arch. However conditions, at least to start with, were difficult as the predicted showers materialised soon after my arrival. The beach rocks which were covered in attractive green algae near the waterfall were made treacherous and slimy by the rain, almost making me lose my footing several times. Another problem was limited choice of lenses as I am replacing my standard zoom lens so had only my tele-zoom and super wide angle to choose from. Starting with the tele-zoom I framed a composition of the whole waterfall, then I moved inclose with the wide angle. Eventually, I re-mounted the tele-zoom for a view through the waterfall and arch. I then called it a day photographically as by this time the sun had parted the clouds and the resultant direct light was becoming a little harsh. Of course immediately on doing so a rainbow appeared! Never mind I had my Huawei P30 (40MP camera) to hand and quickly snapped an image to complement the one below. All in all, it was a morning well spent and I am hopeful that at least one of the images will be portfolio-worthy once editing is completed.

Hallane Beach is a small cove on the south coast of Cornwall which has it's own Waterfall and on this morning a rainbow appeared just as I was packing up.
Rainbow over Hallane Beach

Hallane Beach Waterfall on the South Coast of Cornwall and Granite Arch early one October
Hallane Beach Waterfall and Granite Arch

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