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First Vlog for my New YouTube Channel!

Premiering on YouTube Midday Sunday 20th of December 2020!

I haven't been Blogging so much this last week or two because in the background I have been setting up a new YouTube channel to host Vlogs running in Tandem with this website, my Facebook Page and my Instagram account. Vlogs will be about everything I'm interested in that's photographic in nature. There will be photo shoots I've been on, image reviews and my thoughts on current photographic debates such as HDR, Filters vs Bracketing , Long Exposure photography and others. As it's YouTube, there's plenty of opportunity to get involved, so get on over there by clicking on the picture below at 12:00 GMT tomorrow and I look forward to joining you there. The subject is a personal one for me, my late father's first camera which is a simple German-made 35mm from the 1950s. He died earlier in the year at the age of 90 and in this video I take a good look at the camera, pay tribute to him and get ready to load it with film. In Part Two, I try and load it... (but you will have to wait for that!) As an analogue buff and lover of old cameras, this is a real treat for me even if tinged with sadness by the loss of my father. Please bear with my clumsy video editing skills. They will improve. Promise.


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