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Godrevy is a location I have visited many times and will visit many more. Why? because every time I visit there is something different, the light, the tide, the sky, the many migrant birds. On this occasion in early winter I was late, struggling to find a composition before the westering sun sank behind the nearby St Ives peninsula. However, I think I caught something of the afternoon with the wild crashing waves, warm light and wheeling Gulls. It was also mercifully almost deserted as even the hardy local birders were not in evidence. I present here three pictures, taken at almost the same spot, yet radically differing interpretations of the same area. One, straight into the Sun as it dipped towards the horizon is full of the warm embers of the Sun's rays just touching the sea and as such is a fairly straightforward shot. Then there is one of Atlantic waves crashing against rocks in the foreground, while the lighthouse itself catches a warm glow from the recently set Sun. Finally, we have the long exposure image, peaceful, calm and more muted apart from the bright purple red band of post-sunset glow across the sky. As ever, thanks for looking, liking, or commenting.



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