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I'm the Model!

And no it's not that Right Said Fred song of the same name, but today I was for a change in front of the camera! I was lucky enough to have my friend an exceptional Portrait photographer by the name of Mark Walker of MK photography take my picture today. For him it was part of an assignment in his role as an ambassador for Interfit lighting and for me a chance to get a decent image of myself with the Intrepid 4x5 camera as part of a brand building exercise for this website and my Etsy shop. Possibly too for an associated YouTube channel to again help build the brand. Here's a quick snap of Mark setting up his gear after a steep climb to the top of Carn Grey our location for the evening. It's a typical granite Tor in Mid Cornwall near where I live and is suspended vertiginously over a nearby flooded quarry an excellent location in itself for wildlife (we saw frogs, dragonflies and butterflies) and landscapes being on a vantage point that enables views to miles around.

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