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On Location in Scotland!

Last week my Partner Kim and I were lucky enough to spend a week in the Scottish Highlands and Kintyre Peninsula. Whilst this was partly for family reasons, there was also the opportunity for LOTS of photography, including one VERY exciting location. But first we stayed at Arrochar often thought of as the gateway to the highlands. Arrochar is situated at the head of Loch Long and from there you can take one of several routes to the highlands. We had two nights there and I managed two Dawn shoots. Whilst there was no stunning dawn light, mist and moody cloud made up for it. Here then are two short video clips of the locations. I apologise in advance for the amateurish nature, but it was very much an on the hoof decision to record a little bit. I hope ou like. Comments welcome. As for the images themselves, I'm still processing, but will upload a selection from the trip when ready. There should also be another blog post or two.

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