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Video Video! MK Photography Takes my Portrait


I am very flattered and grateful to Mark Walker of MK Photography for posting the above video on YouTube of his shoot with me as the model last July. Mark is a top class portrait photographer, a great teacher and a mate. I've been on several of his workshops and can vouch for his ability to pass on his knowledge, in particular his skill with Flash. I suggest you watch the video above for tips on how to employ this knowledge, using just a single flash head. Also his relaxed manner and matter-of-fact approach enabled him to get the best out of me as a model. I am, like most photographers completely camera-shy, so the fact he got such good images is a testament to this skill.

The purpose of the shoot was, of course a mission-critical one. I am in the process of building a brand and a business based on old-fashioned values of hard work, authenticity and craft as opposed to digital manipulation. For that I needed several things, including a logo and a way of identifying myself with my business. And to do that what better way than a photoshoot bringing me together with my iconic Field Camera made by the Intrepid Camera Co. Intrepid are also a brand that reflects my core values as an entirely British success story as a company that has risen from a startup, to a well-respected maker of affordable large-format cameras. Indeed Intrepid cameras are now used by amongst others the Doyenne of Large-format, the one and only Ben Horne. Intrepid cameras are largely made of Plywood, so are relatively lightweight and transportable compared to most large format alternatives. As such, they represent an entry into an esoteric world of wet-plate, collodion, obscure processes like Ambrotype and glass negatives that is redolent of Alchemy. However, it can also be confusing, ridden with arcane rituals and tinged with snobbery. That is something I aim to change as someone relatively new to this world, I want to cut through the hype, explore the creative opportunities and bring you, the reader and viewer along with me. So I'll be tackling that subject and many others to do with the creative process both on this Blog and my new Analogue-tinged YouTube Channel: Chromagraphphotoart. Now, don't get too excited yet, because currently I have only the one video on the channel. Don't worry however, I have tons of Raw footage waiting for conversion into Vlogs, tutorials and reviews. I just need to chain myself to the editing desk! Do check back soon for content there and I'll be highlighting new stuff as it arrives here too. All that is of course in addition to me getting out and trying make new images that hold true to my creative ethos. Can't wait!

Anyway, back to the shoot and of course the culmination of it are the images Mark has provided me for use as profile pictures or for building Brand awareness. So without further ado, here they are!


As ever, thanks for looking, liking or commenting. If you have any questions on large-format photography, or suggestions on topics for Blogs and Vlogs, please feel free to leave them here. Balanced critique is also most welcome. And if you can't think of anything, just say Hi!

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