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To my new website one and all. I hope you will stay to look at my galleries and perhaps even at my shop. I've got lots of exciting things to talk about, but that will be the subject of other posts. Just for now, I'm really pleased to finally have this site up and running. As it's so new, I'm sure there are many glitches to be ironed out. That is something dear viewer that YOU can help me out with. Please if you can spare the time take a good look around and give me some feedback via the About Me page. Just a bit of background first though; I've been selling images for a few years now, but on an individual commission basis. recently, things have started to grow and I have had one or two significant pieces of work including one Giant print. Having my work printed or put onto canvas and knowing it is on someone's wall for all to admire is something that I really find rewarding, especially when the prints are of a larger size. So to that end, I have recently stepped back into the world of Film photography with a brand new Intrepid 4x5 film camera. See below for a look at this gorgeous device. My other camera is my trusted Fujifilm XT-2, so I have a foot in both camps.

And as a final word in these difficult and dangerous times. Be safe, follow lockdown until it is safe to go out and above all, look after yourself and your loved ones.

My brand new large format camera
Intrepid 4x5 Mk4

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