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What's Up People?

I seem to have been in the process of gathering new material for this Blog, the website, Facebook page and Instagram for a long time without actually publishing much, for which I apologise. However, I have been super busy behind the scenes with all sorts of Photography stuff and in fact I have really been enjoying taking pictures recently. Why, well that's the story of another blog, but hopefully the pictures below will give an idea. The main thing is that I feel energised in both Film and digital arenas. Of course there has been a lot of life stuff happening behind the scenes too, mostly good, but it all takes time out of that which I had intended for photography. However every cloud has a Silver lining and even with these other commitments to meet, I have managed to squeeze photography in. And, have even tried some new things. More of which when the images contained in the exposed film rolls below have been scanned. Plus I've been trying to Vlog more, so hopefully those will start to make their way onto the YouTube Channel in due course.

It is now Summer in the UK as I write this, but Spring lingers on thanks to the extremely cold and wet May we experienced, so there are still fresh greens to be had everywhere and the Cornish Coastal Cliffs are bursting with the delicate flowers of Spring. The slight downside is that due to the lack of foreign travel, tourists are now here in abundance and this does make sunsets more challenging as it now is the fashion to stay out and watch until the sun goes down. However, there are also increased chances for Street and People Photography as people do like to let their hair down when on holiday.

This week has been a good one for getting out and about as I have already had two shoots and and due to join my local Club for a field trip tonight. Let's hope there are many more like this to come!! Please be patient as putting out decent quality content takes time especially when you have to wait for third parties to complete their bit. I'm still learning with all this stuff, but that is a good thing. I truly believe in lifelong learning as that is the way to remain mentally fit until late in life.

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