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Work In progress!

I thought I'd share with you an image that is still in the editing process. Like many painters, I often find I have to go back to an image several times before it is realised in its final form. The picture shown here was captured on my trusty Fuji XT-2 with the 18-55 lens at 18mm and f11. At these settings it is an extremely sharp lens and when pixel peeping there is a rewarding amount of detail. The location is an iconic one, sea cliffs and stacks just below the magical Kynance Cove. I visited this spot some years ago and made a similar image, but unfortunately only on low-res jpeg. So, I have long wanted to correct that omission. I was right on the edge of the cliff, so needed to pay special attention to safety as it was a long way to the rocks and crashing sea below. The composition itself is a tricky one

Seascape Sea stacks cliffs coast
View From Kynance Cove Towards The Lizard

as getting the various sea-stacks and rocks lined up without overlap was a challenge, but I think I managed the feat. Another factor was how much foreground vs how much sky. Now in fact with a wide angle lens a small change of angle shifts the composition significantly. In this case the sky is more prominent and there are some beautiful shapes and colours. Overall though the sun was already in clouds by this time, so the image is still a little flat I feel. My plan therefore is subtly to enhance the directional qualities of the light falling on the rock faces with all their colourful Lichens and encrusted Guano, but maybe that's the subject of another post. Hope you like it! Please feel free to add comments..

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