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South Africa

Africa is a vast continent made up of many diverse countries of which I have only visited three. My knowledge is not therefore an extensive one. South Africa alone, the Rainbow Nation as it is sometimes known is also vast spanning a whole region with climates from that of desert to tropical rainforest. The Cape area is one of the  world biodiversity hotpots and the wildlife ranges from the mighty African Elephant to incredibly rare Cycads and gigantic Baobab trees. The people are also diverse with many cultures intermingling from Zulu to White Afrikaans. Sadly the intermingling is not always harmonious and there is a huge divide between rich and poor. The Government is frankly corrupt or inept and there are many inequalities. Yet still it is an uplifting place to be with much cultural heritage, a fantastic Landscape and wonderful people. I hope you enjoy this small sample, not in any way a complete encapsulation of this wonderful country, but a teaser to encourage further exploration of the entire place beyond the tourist facade, and the distorted media profile.

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