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St Day Old Church

I made two visits to this beautiful place in Summer and Autumn respectively. In Summer, the Graveyard was resplendent in long flowing grasses, Trees were bedecked in their summer foliage and the Headstones sheltered under deep shade. Three months later, the trees were losing their leaves which lay in a thick carpet all around, but a bright sun sun was lighting up the Church and the Memorials strewn around the Graveyard. On the first occasion, I used my Bronica Medium Format camera. This camera, a workhorse of the 1980's is, although fully functional prone to the odd mechanical misfortune. On this occasion, The camera back sprang open exposing the film inside. Panicking, I hurriedly closed it again, thinking my trip was ruined. Fortunately for me, only one image was damaged beyond repair and the effect on another gave it a mysterious, ethereal look which in my accompanying Vlog I tagged as 'Haunted' Of course that was a fantasy, but it does accurately reflect the dreamy 'lost in time' feel of the Church and It's environs.

Fortunately, my second visit in Autumn where I made images of the Church Interior with my Intrepid 4x5 Large Format Camera was not dogged by mechanical failure, although my audio recordings were badly affected by external noises.  I highly recommend reading the descriptions which accompany each image and watching the Vlogs on my You Tube Channel. In contrast to my summer visit, the day was blessed with sunshine and white fluffy clouds. As the sun began to dip towards the horizon it cast a lovely slanting light across the many stone memorials and headstones in the graveyard.


Video Links:

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