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Nature Galleries

Nature photography conjures up images of migrating Wildebeest, Lions feeding at a kill, or Penguins huddled against the cold in Antartica. That's not for me however. I neither have the patience, the money, nor the inclination to capture those types of image. Fortunately however there are many other ways to capture the natural world. Landscape photography is one fore example, but as that genre also verges into the human landscape of cities too, I have kept those images together in the main digital section of this website. The images presented here are those I have taken over the years and yes, some are of big animals in Africa, South America, or even the Galapagos Islands. It is after all hard to resist when a Magnificent Frigate Bird flies right over your head. The majority however are images hard-won in places where I have had to fight the conditions to get the result.

Raspberry Slime Mould.jpg
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