Is Photography possible in Lockdown?


Here in the UK, we are on a pretty strict lockdown. Life is grim, but there are some chinks of light and one of these is that according to the UK Govt, we can still take photos! But and it's quite a big but, we need to be sensible. So here are my lockdown rules for UK landscape photography: 

  1. Stay away from popular areas

  2. Have ID on you, a business card is ideal.

  3. If you're not sure, jog on. There will be other times.

  4. Always respect the Police and the law 

  5. Wear a mask, sanitise your hands often and keep 2m apart from other people.

  6. Don't go out if you are feeling ill.

I went out yesterday and took this image, so it can be done. More in my Blog




Another Commission Delivered

Mrs Lynda Robertson is the happy recipient of this new commission which consists of a pair of mirror image flower pictures on 24 by 12inch canvas frames. 

Lynda was very specific on her requirements for complementary flower pictures that also fit the decor in her home. In order to do that I used the magic of Photoshop on an existing image to flip it horizontally. I then modified the colours of each and applied the Orton effect judiciously (not too much) to get a little bit of glow and softness.

The original image is actually 12 macro images of a Gerbera flower stacked together to look like one. This gives the petals definition even when side on, something that would be impossible without my Zeiss lens and Helicon Focus Software. 

They are shortly to be available as either a Diptych, or singly at an affordable price via this website, or my Etsy shop.  Just click on the images for more information. Other commissions and full installations undertaken See my Services Page for more full details.

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