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Analogue Galleries

Welcome! to the wonderful arcane AND archaic world of film photography. Here, you will find everything from huge 100million pixel large format images right down to grainy 35mm pictures and everything in-between. I'm going to make this section FUN with a capital F, so you will find experimental images that may or may not work. Then, I'm going to revive gems buried deep in my Archive of negative files and bring them into the present. I'm going to try colour processing at home and maybe even my own darkroom. Then there are things like Polaroids, panoramic backs and pinhole cameras. This is just the start!

Why not come along for the ride?

St Day-Church Cross-no logo.jpg

This gallery contains a selection of images made during my two visits to the St Day Old Church. Built 1826-8 and funded with monies made available following Wellington's victory at Waterloo, the Church served Cornwall's then booming mining communities. Sadly, following a decline of that industry in the 20th century, it became uneconomic to maintain and fell into disrepair.  In 1956 it was abandoned and left to decay. Fortunately, that situation has been reversed and it is now run by a Community Interest Company (CIC) as a Community Arts, Events and Educational  venue. 

This Gallery reflects my love of square format film images, not only with my more recent (but ancient) 1952 Zeiss Ikon Nettar, but those made with my Mamiya C330S. I might even sneak in an image or two cropped to square. Now that would be naughty, wouldn't it?

Somehow the square image seems calming. Shots in this format work when they wouldn't shoot in any other. They also lend themselves to more impressionistic or geometrical images. 

Seagull Art Deco Holiday Let.jpg

My Bronica ETRS is my nearest to a system camera, comprising of the camera back, modular viewfinder and three lenses, 40mm, 75mm and 200m. However, for a Medium Format camera, they tick all the boxes. I don't have a built in meter, but that isn't a big thing. What is offered by this system is quality, yet in a portable format. I've only just brought this camera back into service and faults with with both backs being sent off for repair. They are are both back now and I'm delighted to say working perfect. so, here's a selection taken over the last year year or so.

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